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ZinC Ointment – Anti-intertrigo cream Abena Denmark

Product description: With Zinc Oxide 20% in emulsion form, the product has effect of drying eczema marks and watery skin lesions, reducing irritation induced by skin inflammation and damage, and protecting the skin surface.


+ Support to treat dry skin, skin diseases and skin infections, red irritated skin, digestive fistulas, artificial anus, open bladder, etc.

+ Support to treat eczema, shallow burns, contact folds, etc.

+ Rash due to insect bites, intertrigo and skin ulcers in long-lying patients, prevent ulcers, intertrigo due to using diaper, itchy irritation caused by dermatitis, etc.

* The product meets CE standards as a proof that the product has been evaluated/tested before being marketed, and complies with European Union (EU) requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.


How to use:

+ For skin lesions, dermatitis: apply twice daily.

+ For super-infection eczema, ulcer around artificial anus, skin ulcer: apply 2-3 times daily.

Certification and approval:

 ISO 9001: 2008

 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards

Manufacturer: Abena Denmark

Distributed by Ikamed Corp