Washing Lotion Abena

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Washing Lotion

Origin: Abena Denmark

Non-water shower lotion


  • Cleaning without using water.
  • Skin care and protection for long-lying patients, limited movement patients.
  • Daily vulvar cleaning for patients.
  • Removing smell, creating clean and comfortable feeling for skin after use.
  • The product meets dermatological and environmental friendly standards of North European countries.
  • Skin protection, ulcer prevention, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

How to use: cleanse the skin if there is skin waste

Apply moderate amount of lotion directly to the skin, use Wash Gloves to apply evenly, massage for a minute to the best effect.

Use damp towel to wipe the skin once.

After applying lotion, you will have fresh, clean and comfortable feeling.

Manufacturer: Abena Denmark

Distributed by Ikamed Corp.