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“Effective pain relief, no side effects”

Pain is a common sign of many causes, the most common cause is muscle, bone and joint pain such as joint inflammation and degeneration, muscle stiffness and injury, etc. 

Polidis Company – France has researched and developed a new analgesic product with effective and safe pain relief, no side effects that helps patients treat their pain in peace of mind.

Nociceptol is in place gel that has a rapid pain relief effect with natural ingredients such as devil’s claw, horsetail, green clay and pure essential oils produced according to French Standards.


- Rapid pain relief, no heat, no side effects.

- Researched and produced in France

- Nociceptol has been proven and compared to show that it has pain relief effect faster than some other western medicines.

- Effective treatment of acute and chronic pains.

Indications: Nociceptol against pain:

- Muscle pain: Functional rehabilitation, shoulder pain, back pain muscle spasm.

- Joint pain: pain in arthritis, joint degeneration

- Post injury: in place cooling, rapid pain relief, swelling prevention, bruise dissolving, sport injury, sprains, etc.

The best-selling pain relief product in France.


"Nociceptol has been researched and compared at French National Research Center CNRS for faster and stronger analgesic effect than some other Western medicines"

How to use:

+ Use in place, apply a Nociceptol Gel layer over the entire pain, do not need massage or rubbing.

+ Apply 4 times per week on morning, noon, afternoon and evening, every 4 hours

* Note:

+ Do not use on open wounds, under gauze layer or heaters. Discontinue use if the pain persists for more than 5 days without improvement or with skin irritation.

+ Pregnant women, children under 7 years old should consult a doctor before using.

Product is imported in box from France.

Manufacturer: Laboratoire Polidis France.

Imported and distributed by: Ikamed Corp.

Effective pain relief – Do not worry about side effects!