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Multidex USA

“Optimal efficiency in treatment of burns, ulcers and long-term wounds”

Pressure ulcers are common in people who are bedridden, sequela after stroke, injured, etc., the ulcers are often difficult to treat and prolonged causing infection and depletion, especially complex ulcers, ulcer degree 3 or 4.

Multidex is a specialized product for treatment of healing ulcers, wounds which is researched and produced in the US.


                     Multidex Powder and Gel

- Quickly clean necrotic tissues and ulcers.

- No smell after 3 times of use, including the cases of heavy smell and severe necrosis.

- Create optimal natural moist environment for wound healing.

- Stimulate and create new granular tissues, it can observe signs of granular tissues on the next day.

- Results can be checked with naked eyes, the ulcers are changed every day

- Natural healing, limiting ugly scars: keloids, concave scars, etc.

- No scaling or membrane formation on the wound.

The product has been clinically proven in the US

The product meets certificates of FDA and ISO 13485, American standards

- The only wound ulcer treatment product on the market in powder form specializing in wet ulcers and Gel form for dry ulcers.

How to use:

+ Cutting necrotic tissues if any or as directed by doctor

+ Washing ulcers with physiological saline, dry with gauze.

+ For wet ulcers and much fluid, use Multidex power, for dry or damp ulcers, use Multidex Gel: Apply a Multidex layer over the ulcer, if the ulcer is deep, cover with Multidex nearly equal to skin surface, if the ulcer is shallow, cover with a Multidex layer of about 0.6 cm.

+ Use 2-layer gauze or specialized gauze to cover the wound, then fix it with medical tape.

Apply once every day when changing tape, for ulcers with much fluid, apply twice per day.

Note: When changing tape, it should only rinse the ulcers with physiological saline, do not need to clean the old medicine left on the ulcers, continue to apply new medicine after rinsing the ulcers. The purpose is to avoid damaging the newly granular tissues, slowing the wound healing process.

Origin: DeRoyal USA

Distributor: Ikamed Corp