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A.E.R Witch Hazel Pads

“Full happiness with Witch Hazel Pads – Pain relief and postpartum perineum recovery”

Perineum is a very sensitive part that is easy to be painful and swollen during the childbirth. In normal childbirth, 99% of cases are directed an episiotomy.

To reduce the swelling, pain and injury recovery of perineum after giving birth, Birchwood, USA has researched and developed Witch Hazel Pads product specializing in perineum caring and recovery.


+ Reduce swelling due to episiotomy. Recover and shrink organs around vulva after childbirth.

+ Calming and relieving pain.

+ Anti-inflammatory, information prevention

+ Have in place and fast effect, give comfortable feeling immediately after use.

+ Safety, can be used for babies


Ingredients: Saturated Witch Hazel 50%, Pure Glycerin 12.5%. No preservatives, no grease, no stick.


+ Swelling and hurting the cut in postpartum episiotomy: relieving and reducing swelling, pain and irritation, discomfort, restore perineum after.

+ Irritation and discomfort symptoms due to hemorrhoids: reducing unpleasant symptoms due to hemorrhoids, after hemorrhoids surgery.

+ Itching, redness, burning due to vulvar, external genital, foreskin inflammation, burns and redness around anus in diarrhea children.

+ Skin damage due to sunburn, burns.

+ Daily care: Daily vaginal care by cleansing, sanitizing and protecting damaged skin area of newborn infants

* AER Witch Hazel Pads is made of the best materials in the USA and has an analysis of the safety level according to American standards.

How to use:

- The cut at perineum: Place Pads on the swollen or pain area, gently pat and remove.

- Anal area and hemorrhoids: directly apply to the damaged area and remove.

- Used to protect skin daily, before using diaper: Used for cleansing after each cleaning or before using diaper.

- For sunburn skin, apply pads directly to the damaged skin area, leaving them for a while and then remove.

Use 4-6 times after each cleaning.

Note: Only apply outside, avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Manufactured by: Birchwood Labs LLC        

Imported and distributed by: Ikamed Corp