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Hemociln Gel - Netherlands
Reduce unpleasant symptoms that promote natural hemorrhoids
Hemoclin is a special gel containing a patented 2QR complex.
+ Topical cooling, reduce irritation caused by hemorrhoids.
+ Prevent infections, heal natural injuries.
+ Surround the anal canal, helping to pass easily, especially pain after hemorrhoids.
+ Used in hemorrhoids 1 and 2, hemorrhoids in pregnant and postnatal mothers, cracked anus
+ Non-toxic, does not affect beneficial gut bacteria.
+ No side effects, does not affect blood pressure
+ Hemorrhoids 1 and 2.
+ Hemorrhoids in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
+ After hemorrhoids surgery
+ Anal cysts.
Use canyl pump gel directly into the anal canal or apply on site at the treatment area.
Dose twice daily, can be used for prolonged treatment to the best and prevent recurrent hemorrhoids.
Note: Store room temperature, keep in a ventilated place, out of reach of children.
Do not use the product if the expiry date, cover closed after each use.
Manufacturer: YouMedical Netherlands
Distributor: Ikamed Corp

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