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Origin: Abena Denmark.

Product description:

2-in-1 Abena non-water shower lotion and shampoo is produced in accordance with European standards, meeting the highest criteria of safety and skin protection.


Gentle cleansing, moisturizing, non-drying after use.

Convenient, time saving, bath and shampoo right in bed without using water.

Bring fresh, gentle feeling after bathing and shampooing.



Used for limited movement patients, lying patients, travelers who do not have guaranteed water source.

Rehabilitation patients, obstetric patients, postoperative, bedridden people, etc.

Suitable for vulvar sanitary for people who lost control of excretion, active rehabilitation patients, etc.

The product meets CE standards as a proof that the product has been evaluated/tested before being marketed, and complies with European Union (EU) requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.

How to use:

+ For shampoo: Apply a moderate amount to the hair, massage evenly to create foam, if there is not enough foam, all more shampoo and then gently wash like shampoo with water, after few minutes, the foam will disappear and the hair will dry.

Note: do not use too much shampoo because it will make your hair oily and difficult to dry.

+ For shower lotion: Apply a moderate amount to the skin, massage evenly and gently then use damp towel to wipe the skin once.

+ Suitable for cleaning after changing diaper, sanitizing crushed skin areas, etc.

Certification and approval:

Quality management system according to Standard ISO 9001: 2008

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards

Manufacturer: Abena 

Distributed by: Ikamed Corp

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